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We Transform Luxury Homes into World-Class Destinations. 


Design Thinking

A world-class luxury home has great technology at it’s core. In 2018, technology drives how you experience your home. Design thinking is about creative problem solving. It helps us create safer, smarter, and more enjoyable luxury homes.  


This is Why We Do It

Entertainment is an essential element of human happiness. Stories have the power to unite, inspire, and connect us at a deep emotional level. When was the last time your friends gave you a standing ovation after watching a movie? Or closed your eyes and felt like Adele was singing in the same room? Well designed technology creates remarkable experiences. 


Our Origin

Hello. We are Marcelo (L) and Gustavo (R) Serafini. As teenagers in Los Angeles, going to a movie theater or a concert were designed to be powerful experiences. We thought: how can we recreate this experience in our home?

Two decades and many happy clients later, our childhood curiosity still drives what we do today: find the best way to create a unique space for you and your loved ones to be truly immersed in the emotional and powerful connection of music and movies.

Our Promise to You

There are two kinds of games: finite games, which end when someone wins; infinite games, where an ongoing relationship is established and they never end. We play the infinite game. We’re here to build something together with you and evolve as you move through the different stages of life.

We are your tech translator

Technology evolves quickly. With so many options, it feels like a maze that keeps changing. We'll show you the best options so you can lean back and relax.

We play the infinite game

When you’re happy, we’re happy. That’s what the infinite game means to us: treating you right lets us keep doing what we love.

We are curious experts

We approach our craft like students: open-minded and eager to learn. We do everything together as a team, from the sales process to the long-term support we provide you.

Our Services

Home Automation

Lighting and Shading

High Performance Music Systems

Private Cinema

Outdoor Entertainment

Network and Surveillance Systems

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